Saturday, August 1, 2015


      I'm not even sure how many weeks ago this was, but it's the last time I was sincerely happy. It's that time of the year the crazies come out to play. I've yet again fallen down the rabbit hole. Though this time when I look up I don't see a peep hole of reality. This time I must have been as dumb as Alice and decide to wander off. At least I can say I know I'm lost. 

Monday, July 20, 2015

That unforgettable summer

      Growing up was amazing. Aaron Carter poster, lampshade decked out in hearts by my mother, American Girl dolls. Clearly I had amazing interior decor. I'm the littleun on the right representin' Old Navy. My best friend Ellie from ballet is littleun on the left. Ellie was British, and only stayed in the states for a year. Something having to do with her fathers job. 

      That summer on our way to the local beach we couldn't find something, and Ellie suggests looking in the boot. She meant the trunk. After making it to the beach I was pumped for Ellie to bury me in the sand, assisted by my sister and her boyfriend. Once I lost control of my arm movement I called quits. From what I remember they continued. My sister's boyfriend convinced me it's okay because he's the lifeguard or some shit he was the lifeguard...

      Here's Ellie left and myself right today. She's still in England but has plans to visit the states. We haven't seen each other since 2002...I don't know what to expect. 

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Lemonade stand | Out of principle

      My girl and I decided to have a lemonade stand. We wanted quick cash on our in eventful day, and I wanted to have a lemonade stand this summer. 

      Not only to make quick cash. Many adults questioned our age & why we're having a lemonade stand . I'd stand up, as my girl sits in her chair giggling...and state "It's just as profitable selling lemonade for adults as it is children. As a 22-year-old un-employed girl I'm going to do what I have to do to make money - while respecting myself". Always got the points across, wording is pretty on point for the most part. They all bought a glass. We spent $5 on product, made $16 in an hour. 

      If you're familiar with The Duck Song, I asked each pedestrian "It's fresh, it's cold, and it's all home made! Can I get you a glass?".   

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Day at the carnival | Metro Detroit

      This weekend my man (George Glass) and I took a visit to a local carnival with my little Venezuelian Angelika too!! Angelika isn't afraid to go on the big rides which was awesome

      While George Glass and I had a cigarette, Angelika went on the bumper cars. After watching her get into jams I was in line to show her how it's done. 

      In front of myself in line were four young children (Around age 8-10). Luckily I overheard one of them state not to go for the white I questioned him why. He explained to me how the mechanics make it the least powerful. Immediately I inquired which was the best car to use. He stated black.

            Things got serious
      These kids and I had a system. The system - we all run for a black car, switch partners from there. 
      The gate opens. We got the cars...but Angelika chose her own car. Therefore I was now Han Solo. A young 6-year-old saves the day, asking adorably to be shotgun. Before the cars started she explained how I reverse and such. She asked to drive if I have the pedal. We negotiated.
      I got us out of jams and aimed slightly towards an open space. This littleun' aimed correctly towards our buddies and would bump them up!  That girl was the best bumper car partner I've ever had. 


Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Enhancing natural beauty

      The girls of a family I'm close friends with held a Mary Kay party when the boys were out of town. The bottom left you see the lovely Trudy (host), bottom right is Shirley (The specialist), top left is Alex (My main b!$&%), and I reside in the top right. 

      MaryKay specialist Shirley Nunez came out with a project called Enhancing Natural Beauty (something I've been working on within myself past few years, I currently only use mascara). Shirley taught me there's more to a healthy, pretty face than just cake facing and using a good quality face scrub and cleanser. 

     First step, remove eye make up (my at-home eye makeup remover is already MaryKay)
      Second step, use facial scrub. This facial scrub was so gentle, and my skin felt so fresh - so clean. Hehe. 
      Third, fourth, and fifth step, simply put the lotion on the skin. Follow up with CC cream, and a light bronzer to enhance your cheek bones. When I was done with the process my skin felt pretty nifty not going to lie. No cake faced feeling, look, or really anything caked on. Mascara came last. The only product I didn't dig was the mascara. I have yet to experiment more with it. though - mascaras my thang!

      I not only have I learned healthy, natural techniques with beauty products...but had a great time! This isn't an Avon cliche Tupperware party kinda vibe. The only time stupid common sense facts would be spoken of when I asked them... (ahaha - seriously). 
      Not saying "go buy the product now! blah blah!" 
      I'm saying something more along the lines of "yo, throwing a free Mary Kay Party isn't going to kill". It was definitely worth attending!

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Norman Rockwell | The shiner

      Growing up, my pops got me into Norman Rockwell's artwork. Growing up I was also a fearless little girl. Quite the handful. Weeks after becoming Student of the Month in 4th grade, I got my first detention. The office staff knew me well since. Hehehe...
      This little ginger in the painting shows pride in her fearless smile. She may have a black eye and a few bruises, but she's happy about something in particular...

      At first look you'd think she got her ass kicked. 
Why would she be so giddy though? 
      After all she's at the principal's office. Where she'd probably just lost a fight, but doesn't care because she did it out of principle

      Officially my favorite Rockwell painting. 

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Throwback | Austin Powers Jaguar

      Back in '04 I spent the whole summer with my best friend Eleanor, who I met in ballet class. Her family came from England for something work related with her dad she moved back in the fall…
      During that summer my brother's Boy Scout troupe had a classic car show. 
      Giving us the privelage to ride in the real Austin Powers jaguar! Same one Mike Myers Rode in, and we didn't even care about the experience at the time. We've seen the one Austin Power movie and knew of the trade marks…just mainly cared about the ride in the car itself. Cruising down Marine City on our way home was amazing.

      I'm the littleun in the back left, Eleanor on the right. My brotha resides in the passenger while my faja drives. In the laps of Eleanor and I we hold our beloved American Girl dolls. Couldn't go anywhere without them! 
      I haven't seen Eleanor since that year. It was only about 2-years ago she found me on Facebook - thankfully. Hopefully her family comes back to visit the states! I'd love to visit her with all honesty.