Sunday, March 29, 2015

First world problems to the max

      5:00am yesterday morning everybody in Michgan was notified of an Amber Alert via smartphones. My first thought, well this sure will help find her...just need more information. 

      Later on that day Facebook is blown up about the inconvenience it was to have woken them up so early on a Saturday. Uhm...I'm sorry what's your problem again, sleeping in? Yeah well somebody's child was abducted. There's far worse things to bitch about than an emergency alert at 5am. 

      6-year-old Hailey was found thanks to the smartphone amber alert. She was abducted by her father. Who threatened to harm himself and his daughter before taking off. Thankfully she's safe now. 

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Chalkboard paint

      My buddy and I used Rostoleum chalk board paint on his wall last week. This way when his niece comes by she has something to do in his room. Our first coat was horrible because we didn't mix the paint. Always remember to mix your paint!

      After two coats, we've successfully made a chalkboard! I'm working on a white boarder around it at the moment. 

      Have you ever tried chalkboard or whiteboard paint? 

Friday, March 6, 2015

Hoop progress: Butt hooping

      If you're a typical reader of mine you know I'm into hoop dancing. I've finally accomplished butt hooping!! This is a silly move but I'm proud to have it down. 

Do you do any crazy tricks?

Hoop dancing

      Hooping is a great stress reliever. FallIng in the flow is an unexplainable feeling. Here's an update on my latest hoop dance video. My hoop is made by String Art Incident on Etsy. Use code MICAELASPONSOR for a discount! 

Do you enjoy your exercise? 

Friday, February 27, 2015

Room re-do

      Since I've moved into my new place, I've been chillin in an all pink room. It's an old playroom or child's room. The trim is this awful green that matches the Lizzie McGuire looking wallpaper. Can't hate on Lizzie McGuire though..

      The above picture shows my vanity which was my moms, then my sisters, and now mine. The bottom picture shows all the drawings collected upon my stay. 

      So I decided to go black. 

      Bringing back my early highschool days a bit. The whole psychedelic black lights look nice in the black room with now white trim. I'll post a more detailed post on my room soon. 

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Rockin the LED MoodHoop

      Chilled with a new buddy, who was eager to hoop! She took this boss picture of me LED hoopin with my MoodHoop. 

      Here's her rockin' it her first time hoop dancing! Hopefully we get together again soon and get our hula on. You can purchase a LED toys at 

      How's your life been treating you?

Saturday, February 14, 2015

New hairstyle you can't possibly dread

(Get the pun in the intro title? Hah, love me some good ole puns)

      I'm in love with my natural hair since it's been back. My hair is somewhat tucked into the beanie, no cuts for quite some time still. I'm also avoiding any more dyes! Definitely plan growing it out until I'm lookin as fly as The Little Mermaid. Hehe. That doesn't mean I can't add a little pizzazz, like my first dread lock!! 

      Without the nasty globy wax and other substances, I managed to form the dread within 2-weeks. Just had to keep twisting, ratting, and used the rubber bands for only the first week. Dig my bead stylin in the middle? Made it myself using polymer clay. I really dig the colors, reminds me of planet Earth!

      What's something you could do to jazz up your locks? 
      I'd love to hear your input!!